I will Overcome!

Let’s make some goals, shall we?equipped2

You guys know how I value Non Scale Victories over weighing myself.  I don’t even weigh myself unless I go to the doctor! That number on the scale has NOTHING to do with our badassery, just sayin’.

I have decided to choose a goal that I want to achieve that goes WAY back.  WAAAAY  back.  Elementary school.  I never got the President’s Fitness Challenge Seal for physical ed.  NEVER.  Why?  Because I could do everything on that list except…….a pull up.  That bothered me so much.  Two years of not getting that seal because of that….even though I could do everything else.

I was thinking of this when I visited a local gym a few years ago. The trainer asked me my goals and I said I want to be able to do a pull up.  His BRILLIANT response to his client…..chuckling while viewing his reflection in the window (to fix the well coiffed spikes in his hair)…”Oh, you can forget that.  That is an extremely difficult move.  Most men can’t even do those; women aren’t physically equipped to do it”.    I tried to ask him a few more questions about technique and training and I would have to repeat the questions because he would be staring off into space (actually at the young hotties across the room doing aerobics) and he would simply go “huh?”.  I ended up telling him….”You know, I’ve got this.  Why don’t you go do something else”.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!  I ended up training myself and two other women that were trying to get help from the floor trainers that evening.

I learned two things that night….never trust a man that wears more hair gel than you and I am responsible for my own health and wellness; my passion for fitness was reawakened.  It still took a couple of more years before I truly realized that the fitness path was where I was headed.  I had to quell the noises in my head telling me “You will be laughed at, you weigh over 200 lbs.  No one will take you seriously.  You are too old to follow your passion now.  You aren’t equipped for this”.    Not only did I quell those voices, but I punched them in the throat…..now, when they try and return it is with a weak, raspy voice and I am immediately reminded that I silenced them before and I can do it again!

I embarked on a journey that I am still on and will carry as many people with me that want to follow on this intertwining path!   First, I became a Beachbody Coach and surrounded myself with likeminded and uplifting people that gave me the confidence to go back to school and become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.  My main objective is to encourage folks that you can be #fitatanysize.  I want you to move more and get stronger not take a shortcut to a temporary and sometimes dangerous weight loss.  I don’t sell pills, potions, or gimmicks.  I sell you on the premise that you are worth taking responsibility for your health and wellness and I simply guide and cheer you on your permanent lifestyle change.  It is a journey I am proud and honored to be a part of.  Just because you can’t do an exercise exactly like the person next to you at the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t get a similar benefit with modification.  Shoot, I am the modifier of the modifier sometimes!  Just MOVE people!! Do what you can, how you can!

NEVER listen to those negative voices in your head.  YOU have so much to offer this world.  Make sure you use your gifts!

Sooooo, what is my NSV goal that I want to achieve by end of 2016?  I want to do a pull up.  I am not just SAYING I want to do a pull up…..I have a plan.  I will start by doing  pull ups from a supine position, then I will segue into using my assisted bands on my pull up bar and gradually remove bands until I no longer have to depend on them.  I will get there.  Why? Because I believe I can do it.  I AM equipped; and by the end of 2016 I will be stronger because I overcame something I thought I could never do!
Let me hear your goals for the rest of the year!  Be specific, put it out to the universe, make a plan, and crush it!

Do you have your head in the sand?


Do you have your head in the sand when it comes to your health, finances, career, marriage, future, or even a family conflict?  Why is it so easy to hide instead of facing our fears?  We think if we hide and ignore the problem it will go away, but in the long run it only makes things worse.  That fear of one thing tends to spill over into other facets of our lives and sucks the joy right out of us.

Recently, I decided to run to the roar rather than away from it.  Warning, soul-baring ahead.

As part of my phenomenal SmartSuccess training with Chalene Johnson (and my hold me to the fire accountability group and friends) I was challenged to come up with a clarity statement based on my current priorities.  This brought to light what fears or challenges keep me from my priorities.  After a few days of soul-searching I realized (or admitted) that the way I viewed and managed my finances kept me from enjoying the rest of my life.    By avoiding my debt and finances it was easy to pretend it wasn’t there….except it ruled over EVERY part of my life.

I started looking around my environment; the half finished home repairs, the unorganized stacks of bills/bank statements/401K summaries/important documents, the relationships I pushed to the side because I didn’t feel that I was valuable enough to be a part of them, the fear of a ringing telephone, or the hoards of stuff because I was always worried I may not be able to afford new things so I kept EVERYTHING. I realized that I based my self-worth and identity on my finances.  If I was late with payments I would feel like a failure….in everything.  If I couldn’t afford a newer vehicle or the constant repairs to my current one I was somehow less of a person and not valuable to anyone.  My debt was running my life.  I became a servant to debt and it became my master!

It took a few days, but I wrote my clarity statement.  It is long and private, but basically it states that I will make decisions that honor my priority to get out of debt and release myself from that false master, build wealth so that I am comfortable and able to “relax” so I can continue to follow the calling God has placed in my heart, focus on the blessings that God has given me every single day, and to be PRESENT in the lives of family and friends.  It is a slow process, but I am learning to NOT equate my financial situation with my value to this world.

This morning I pulled my head out of the sand and faced my scary monster.  I requested a copy of my credit reports to check for errors and start a plan to get in control and properly manage my finances.  No one is going to plan my future for me!

So, what can you do to start on the road to financial peace?  First, get a copy of your credit report.  You can get a free copy from all three credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) once a year.  Go to www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action  and fill a few quick forms to get started.  Be sure to print out your report before you go to the next agency because once you close it out you lose your free access to that particular report (for a year).  After you print them out compare and check for inconsistencies or incorrect information.  Some things can be disputed right there online. FYI-When going through mine I found one fraudulent address, one incorrect place of employment, and a mortgage application that I never did.

Next, sign up for a free credit counseling service or enroll in a class such as Financial Peace University at www.daveramsey.com.  Your church may even offer the Dave Ramsey course!  Make a plan and take ACTION!  Make a budget EVERY month to track incoming/outgoing and decide what non-necessities you can cut out so that you can pay down your debt.

Are you hiding your head in the sand from something else?  Face it!  If you feel you aren’t strong enough to face it alone grab a friend or family member to give you extra support or accountability.  God provided me with a fabulous support group with BIG flashlights to shine light on my fears so I can conquer them and live the abundant life that He wants me to live!