About Me



Hello, my luscious pathfinder! You are not here by coincidence. You are here because you are seeking your path, OR maybe you are already on it and want to remove the fear of being on a path so new, OR maybe you are trying to find endurance to get up that steep, windy path you have chosen. Either way, you have come to the right fork in the road.

My name is Stacy Mote and my passion is helping women unleash the desires of their soul, find their own voice, and become fit in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Soooooo, I created MindBodySpiritFitness.

A few years ago I was called to follow my passion and began studying fitness and nutrition (while weighing more than 200 lbs). I was an environmental scientist with WAY too much on her plate (figuratively and literally). The level of stress that I allowed in my life (yes, I said ALLOWED) created a downward spiral of unhealthy choices and a life that was primarily me going through the motions. Shortly after my first Reiki session I made the decision to follow the path to my passion, I became a certified personal trainer and health coach with ACE, a Certified PiYo Live and LeBarre Instructor, and a couch to 5k instructor with Run for God. Talk about not fitting the norm!

At times, I wonder if my spirit animal is a crow because I love all things sparkly. If glitter and sequins were a food group, I would probably eat it.

I am an outgoing introvert (I once wore a cardinal mask and tutu while twerking onstage during a spirit competition at Camp Do More) that loves to decorate her home with candles, crystals, and chi.  Sidenote: there may or may not be a video of the cardinal dance.

When I am not surrounding myself with badass women trying to make their mark in the world, I am on adventures with The Nephew (until he decides I am not the coolest chick in the city anymore).

Come, step inside…..let’s unleash your soul power together!