Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

IMG_7373[1]“What do you mean you do not have time to work out?”

Yeah, I constantly lied to myself with this one ALL the time.  When I finally realized it was my feeble attempt to make myself feel better about not taking care of myself I was already very overweight, pre-diabetic and I was sore most of my waking hours.

I get it.  You are busy.  The family needs to be fed, the house needs cleaning, the yard needs mowing, Little Susie has softball practice and Little Johnny has drama club, the in-laws need help with their 1,000th crisis of the week, you still have to get to the grocery store, and don’t forget the five deadlines at work you are trying to meet.

But, if you are not taking care of YOUR health and wellness how do you plan on taking care of all those other things in your life?  Did you know that we lose 3lbs of muscle every 6 years due to lack of resistance training?  I was wondering why I started feeling “weak”.  Even a simple task like opening a jar was becoming difficult.  When I started to really think about how my weakness would only get worse as I grew older and that I may have to depend on others for assistance I became worried about my future quality of life!

The good news is that you can ADD 3lbs of muscle in 3 months doing basic strength building exercises!  I can do something about the loss! I started incorporating small movements into my day such as plié squats while doing dishes, calf raises and single leg “booty kicks” while brushing my teeth, and trying to take two steps at a time when using the stairs.  Working large muscle groups meant I was burning more calories!

I found that taking small steps to improve my fitness health led me to wanting to increase the amount of resistance training I did.  I started a weight training program which made me feel stronger and more confident and I segued into more cardio programs.  Energy begets energy!  A body in motion wants to stay in motion.

Stop lying to yourself and get moving.



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